Gevalia Coffee Maker with a Timer Review

The Gevalia coffeemaker is worth the price it costs. It costs approximately $99, but is sometimes on sale at some stores. Ours is black and silver. It has a programmable timer on it. It can be set to turn on in the morning, or whenever you want it to turn on.

It shuts off in two hours, automatically, from the time that it is turned on.

We have had this particular coffee maker for approximately 2 1/2 years.

It is a 12 cup coffee maker.

It has a digital clock on it.

It is an attractive looking coffee maker.

There is a way to get one of these for only about $15-20. Sometimes, Gevalia has a special on their website, but if someone wishes to deal with specials and buying things via regular mail, they can go to the Gevalia site and have the brochures or specials sent to their mailbox.

Sometimes Gevalia will offer to give this coffee maker to you when you purchase coffee one time. You can get into their club and buy some every month, if you wish to. We did try this out. The coffee maker was great and we stayed with the club for a few months, but the coffee we got the third time kind smelled bad, so we did not want to continue doing the club with them. The coffee we tried was the beans so that we could grind it. The ground coffee might be better. There is only one way to find out.

This has been a great coffee maker, though, and it is easy to keep clean. I use vinegar to clean the entire coffee maker. I add water to the carafe and then add as much vinegar as I want to (usually 2 times more vinegar then water) and I run it through he coffee maker just the same as I would for making coffee. Then, I run water through it a few times more to make sure the vinegar taste and smell is gone.

This coffee maker uses the cone coffee filters. One can find these coffee filters at any local Family Dollar store or Wal-Mart, for around $1-1.20.